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Fic: The Sceptre and the Isle

Title: The Sceptre and the Isle
Author: Azar
Rating: PG at worst, I think
Dedication: For lizardbeth_j, as promised a long time ago. I don't think this is quite what you had in mind when you gave me the prompt, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. :-) Also, a couple of small details from your Sinclair fic have sort of entered into my personal fanon, so they're included here. Hope you don't mind!
Spoilers: specifically for "War Without End," "Confessions and Lamentations" and "In the Beginning," but possibly small ones for everything up to the middle of season 4. (Just in case there's anyone out there who, like me, hasn't quite finished the series yet. *g*)
Disclaimer: Babylon 5, its characters, arcs and languages all belong to JMS, Warner Brothers, etc. Title is taken from (big surprise, I know) Ulysses, by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Acknowledgments: Alli (wolfryder) for finally motivating me to sit down and watch the series in order--I'd caught episodes here and there during the show's first run, but not *nearly* enough to really follow anything. Medie (medie), for patiently putting up with me while I a) discovered all the great things about this universe that she already knew and b) took forever to write this. *g* John Hightower for his help with the Minbari language and last but FAR from least, Mari (mari4212) for the invaluable beta! :-)
Thy firmness draws my circle just,
And makes me end, where I begun.

--John Donne, "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"

The Sceptre and the Isle
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