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A Sensitive Bunch
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"Ah, writers. They are a sensitive bunch." - Michael Garibaldi, The Paragon of Animals

sensitivebunch is a community for writers and fans of Babylon 5 fanfiction. It can be a place to post fic, to reccomend fics, to look for beta-readers, or to talk about fanfiction-related issues in the fandom.

The general Babylon 5 discussion community is babylon5, and a little crossposting is to be expected, but there are two distinct journals for two distinct reasons.

Babylon 5 Resources:
The Lurker's Guide Complete episode lists, reviews, notations, and compilations of JMS' posts. The uber-resource.

BabTech on the Net Discussions of the technology involved in the show. Covers pretty much all races.

Babylon 5 Alien Languages Database A compilation of all the alien words and phrases used on the show, some with appropriate fonts as well.

John Hightower's English/Adronato Dictionary A more detailed Minbari Religious Caste dictionary, with words and phrases garnered from various B5 resources.

The Down Below Sound Archive Pretty much every quote you'd want to find from the show, searchable a number of ways, with a sound file to go with.

JMSNews A complation of all of JMS' usenet posts.

B5 Chronology A timeline for the events of the B5 universe.

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