Nefret (watersandwilds) wrote in sensitivebunch,

Proof: John/Delenn

Title: Proof
Author: watersandwilds
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual situations (not graphic); the rating is more a precaution than anything else.
Author's Note: Originally written for un_love_you and inspired by prompt 7 - "Prove it." The full table is here.




“Prove it,” she said softly, smiling in the vaguely seductive way that only she could really manage.


“What?” he replied, looking vaguely stupefied, an expression that certainly had never crossed Delenn’s face. That was fine. He was capable of being stupefied for the both of them.


“Prove it,” she repeated, her voice light with suppressed laughter. “Prove that you love me.”


“I kind of thought that you knew,” he said with a slight nervous laugh, grasping her delicate hand in his own.


“Remind me,” she said, leaning in provocatively and grinning.


His pants were much too tight all of a sudden. “What?” he asked squeakily. “Right now?” He looked around pointedly at the crowded restaurant.


She merely laughed merrily, pulling him by the hand down the hallway, nodding gracefully to those they passed while he followed dazedly in her wake.


If there had ever been any doubt as to who was really in control of their relationship, none remained. She pulled him into their quarters, spinning around and capturing his lips all in one swift, elegant movement.


A thousand little arguments swam through his mind. The fact that it was only lunch time, and that he had a pile of unfinished reports laying on his desk that he really ought to be doing, as well as a meeting in an hour, because increasingly irrelevant as she pressed herself up against him.


“I love you,” he said softly, trailing gentle fingers along the bone at the back of her head — something he would once have found so repulsive, but now found entirely captivating.


“I love you,” he said again, as he trailed kisses down her neck, slowly removing her of all her clothing.


“I love you,” he cried as he moved against her, moving desperately to be closer to her, to touch ever inch of his skin against hers.


“I know,” she said softly as she brushed his bangs from his eyes, pressing a light kiss to his temple and curling up comfortably against him on the couch.

ETA: x-posted to no_shadows_fall, so apologies if this hits your e-mail more than once. :)
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